Big Bang’s “Made 2015 Tour” in Anaheim, CA


On October 4th, 2015, Big Bang made their first concert appearance in Anaheim in about three years. I did not attend the “Alive Tour” back in 2012 since I was fairly new to the KPop community and didn’t know too many groups. Since then, I have grown to love their songs and saw individual members here and there. I wasn’t going to pass on the chance to see them as a five member group again knowing that none of them have actually done the required military service required by their country.

I opted to attend the Anaheim one at Honda Center since Las Vegas was too much of a drive for me while Los Angeles was all but unavailable. I was hoping that they would put on a great show since they had also done consecutive shows in both Las Vegas and Los Angeles previously.

The show started with one of their latest bangers, “Bang Bang Bang”. Due to it being called the “MADE Tour” they obviously were going to focus on their newer material. That didn’t mean they were going to neglect hits that made them famous.

This show was bigger than most KPop shows I’ve ever attended since there were details to the stages. There were movable platforms, pyrotechnics, live bands, back up dancers, and screens that moved all over the place.

Although they had lots of hits over the years, they didn’t do their entire discography due to it being way too deep. They didn’t touch up on their first few singles nor did they perform any of their Japanese exclusive hits. It would have been nice to see them do songs like “Gara Gara Go”, “Forever With You”, and “We Belong Together”.

They also each had individual stages with each of them doing a song from their individual catalogs. I was surprised that they each only did one song, but then again, the concert would go on forever had they did that. Each of them do have their own individual songs along with their songs as a group.

I’d say it was one of the more fun shows considering it was in an arena with the spotlight all on them. I knew all their songs. I’ve been to many concerts where I didn’t know what songs an artist had or did not know their entire discography. Big Bang had so many hits, they couldn’t even do them all even with the encore stage.

Reviewed by: Timtastic

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