APink’s “Pink Memory Tour” in San Francisco presented by KPOPME


On January 8th, 2016, APink made their third stop in their “Pink Memory Tour” at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco, CA after visiting Vancouver and Dallas. It marked the first time in almost four years that a KPop girl group toured North America which made it a big deal. Together, KPOPME and A Cube Entertainment made the tour a possibility.

The fan engagements occurred before the concert. Those that wanted to meet APink were treated to a photo opportunity and a high touch encounter. A high touch is pretty much where you high five the members. The great part about the San Francisco crowd was that everyone was respectful of the members and didn’t try to go outside of their boundaries. APink themselves seemed very happy to see the VIP Pink Pandas as they commented on people whether they brought signs or actually wore all pink. They acknowledged every fan that came across with smiles especially from Eunji who may have smiled all the way from the beginning of the fan engagements to the end of the concert.

At the merchandise group, all the VIP attendees gobbled up all the available merchandise which shows their ever increasing popularity. Things such as light sticks, photos, and more were up for grabs.

Not only was this a concert, but also an interactive event. The members would speak to the crowd in between sets and would say hi towards the fans that were in the front all the way to the ones in the nosebleed sections. They had a Q&A portion where the members answered questions that were asked by the fans. They also played a game where the group was divided into two teams with chances to win exclusive prizes.

This tour was called the “Pink Memory Tour” so of course, they started the event with their lead single off the “Pink Memory” album, “Remember”. They also went through some of their most famous hits like “My, My”, “Mr. Chu”, and “No, No, No”. They also performed some of their b side tracks like “Secret” and “Sunday Monday”.

During intermissions, there were three dancers that won a contest for the right to perform a dance number during APink’s costume change. They all did a great job and represented the local Pink Panda community. There were two females and a male that did a mix of some of the most well known APink dances.

The crowd in San Francisco was amazing as the girls fed off the energy from the electricity of the fans. Although everyone was sad to see the girls go, they were extremely happy that the girls were able to perform on their home turf.

Written by: Timtastic

APink photos from the San Francisco leg of the “Pink Memory Tour” presented by KPOPME

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