Bible Black (2001 anime series) review


Anime: “Bible Black”
Studio: Milky Studio
Year: 2001

When it comes to hentai, the most known series is easily the one I’m writing about. I really don’t know what prompted me to watch this series, but somehow I manage to gain the strength to watch this anime. I figured that there are only six episodes, so I could easily power through it despite not being an avid fan of hentai. I don’t even watch hentai at all except when at an anime convention. Let’s see how this turns out.

Minase is a student who just happens to find a book filled with spells and ends up using it to have various girls fall in love with him. The spells he casts makes girls throw themselves at him which usually is followed up with sexual intercourse.

Kitami is the school nurse who is also a futanari. Twelve years before the present day, she was sacrificed as a virgin to the gates of hell. Unfortunately, she survived because she wasn’t actually a virgin and struck a deal with the devil to live. In the present day, she needs a virgin as a vessel for a new body as her time is ticking.

Kitami makes her presence known by taking over the witchcraft club which serves as a place of operations. She also abducts the art teacher Takashiro because she was part of the group that had attempted to sacrifice Kitami but left the group before the ritual took place.

Kitami sets her eyes on Imari who is Minase’s childhood friend since she is a virgin. After regaining his senses from being under Kitami’s hypnosis, he must team together with Takashiro to stop Kitami from achieving her goal of transferring bodies.

Unlike other hentai series I have watched, this one actually had a legitimate storyline. I was surprised that there were character developments, plots, and plot twists. Other series usually have a pseudo one just to get to the juicy parts.

I wouldn’t say it’s bad, but what the f*ck! As you can tell, hentai is not my thing especially if I’m not watching with company. It’s really awkward to enjoy the sex scenes. I guess it’s just not for me or something.

I think there were were too much scenes of sex. I felt that the characters were made to have sex just to do it.

Apparently, I’ve been told that I also have to watch the origins and aftermath just to see what happens. I honestly am not ready because hentai just isn’t for me. I tried my best to power through, but I can at least say that I have officially watched the most well known hentai series of all time.

Overall rating: 3.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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