MAY’S “Cruising” LP Review


Artist: MAY’S
Album: “Crusing”
Label: King Records
Year: 2011


This is how I really discovered this group. I was on iTunes looking for music from May J. and May’n but also saw the listing for multiple albums from MAY’S. I thought that there were quite a few artists with May in their names, and proceeded to preview the first available song which was “One More Chance”. The first few seconds were more than enough to get me into them which I ended up buying the entire album.


I’m so thankful for the ability to preview songs or else I wouldn’t have discovered this group. I absolutely love this album from start to end. I love Maiko’s voice because it’s so captivating. When she sings, you get drawn in. The songs are catchy, but not idol pop catchy. They’re able to blend urban flare into their music. The guests are what they are. They are guests that don’t become the star of the song. Every single song is great, and I really do mean it.


I rarely make it to the end of the album because I always listen to this album while doing something. The few skits here and there are wonderful because it still involves music, but I love the full tracks.


Fast forward years later, and this is currently one of my all time favorite albums. Many albums get released every year, and I can always feel confident that I can listen to this album over and over again. Year after year, I still listen to this album often and is currently part of my rotation of music to listen. Maiko and Naughty Bo-Z are one of the best singer/producing duos in the genre today. Because I actually listen to the entire album years after purchasing the album from top to bottom when given the opportunity while feeling the freshness of the album, “Cruising” will get a perfect rating.

Overall rating: 5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic


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