BiSH’s “stereo future” EP review


Artist: BiSH
Album: “stereo future” EP
Label: AVEX Entertainment Inc.
Year: 2018


BiSH is one of the most unique idol groups in all of Japan. They don’t fit the typical mold of what an idol group should be, but that’s what sets them apart from everyone else. They do their own thing and find much success. They also happen to make great music that’s unlike anything else. With days left to end 2018, they released “stereo future” which was what the end of the year needed.


The titled song “stereo future” is amazing. They just always know how to mix JRock, JPop, and a full orchestra together. The song itself has this epic feel with a wave of emotion. It really felt like a sequel to “My Landscape”.

The other song, “S H i T” felt more like an in your face kind of song. It has much more aggression with that pop sprinkled in.


I really wanted a full album just like “THE GUERRiLLA BiSH” with more songs. BiSH is one of the groups that puts emotion and feelings into their music. For now, we only get a small tastes of what may be possibly more to come. I really love these two songs especially the titled track.


The formula works for BiSH. It wouldn’t work for most other groups. Other groups may have hits of rock, but it feels forced. BiSH makes it work time in and time out which makes them one of the most special acts in all of JPop. They embrace multiple genres consistently, and as a music fan, it’s very cool.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

One response to “BiSH’s “stereo future” EP review

  1. I only wish that I had appreciated Stereo Future more when I saw them last year. At the time the song had only recently been released and the two shows that I went to they closed each performance with the song. The song and performance kind of passed me by, but then I saw their performance of the song at Makuhari Messe and I kicked myself wondering why I couldn’t appreciate the song when I saw it live.

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