YG Future Strategy Office (2018 Korean comedy) review


Series: YG Future Strategy Office
Year: 2011
Channel: Netflix


One day I was searching for what to watch on Netflix and came across this series I had forgotten existed. I decided to watch “YG Future Strategy Office” because it was eight episodes and looked like it had a lot of potential to be very good.


With many of his bandmates in the mandatory military service and also being a target for scandals, BigBang member, Seungri is forced to join a division of YG Entertainment he never knew existed called the “YG Future Strategy Office” and help use his expertise in the industry to help this portion of the agency into a viable office.


I would say this is the Korean version of The Office with its awkward moments and pauses but with a KPop flair. There are tons of laughs and many cameos from a few of the members of the YG Entertainment roster from members of Blackpink to Lee Hi. Other talent from outside YG make cameos too like Chungha and Naeun from APink.


If you’re not too knowledgeable about the world of KPop, it may take a bit to catch up on some of the awesome appearances, underlying storylines, and the pacing of the comedy. Those from outside the Hallyu Wave may not understand the significance of many of the idols and various other big names that have appeared.


I really enjoyed it as I really busted my ass laughing. It was cool to see a comedy as a mockumentary and to see Seungri and cast take digs at his past drama. It’s unfortunate that this may be the last we see of him as a star.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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