Break the Silence: The Movie (2020 Korean documentary) review

Movie: “Break the Silence: The Movie”

Studio: Big Hit Three Sixty/Trafalgar Releasing

Year: 2020


In a year where there aren’t many events to go to, not a lot of movie releases, and not a lot of things to look forward to, this movie shined a light on a lot of dark times in 2020. The global pandemic put a pause on the world including the “Map of the Soul” world tour that was supposed to be a global stadium tour featuring BTS. This movie allowed their fans to peek into their lives during their 2019 “Love Yourself World Tour”. 


This documentary follows the boys of BTS during their “Love Yourself World Tour” starting at the famed Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California all the way to their home stadium, Seoul Olympic Stadium.  In between, they went through several stadiums in multiple countries on four continents.

The music has been updated, the sets are more elaborate now, the promotion gets busier, and the performances become more amazing. As BTS becomes more and more of an international act, the more they are in demand. 

Not only does it follow the group, but it also follows the individual members as they seek to get some free time to take a break from the grind of bringing joy to faces around the world.


In the previous documentaries, we see the toll a global tour does on them from injuries to missing home.  This time, we see how each member is on an individual basis.  We get to know a bit more about each member as individuals, not as a member of a mega group.

This time, BTS ventures into new places they had not toured before like Saudi Arabia and some of these stadiums that they’re performing at for the first time. As they’re becoming popular in the Western market, they’re in demand more than ever.

Before the movie even begins, we’re treated to their latest music video, “Dynamite”.


While they were on tour, they had released “Boy With Luv” which was not included during the documentary. It makes sense since Halsey was a part of the song and would have to be paid for her inclusion.

Just like the previous movie, their Japanese tour wasn’t included much mostly because in Japan, they have a different setlist of songs performed as they have Japanese songs and albums. I felt like it would have been very important since Japan is one of their biggest markets and fanbase. 


Before this movie, I was unable to put faces with names just because I felt like I had not gotten to know them as individual people yet.  After this movie, I felt like I learned a thing or two about each person and random things they like to do. This release felt more personable than the previous ones. 

Overall rating: 4/5 

Reviewed by: Timtastic

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