G-Dragon’s “Heartbreaker” review

Artist: G-Dragon

Album: “Heartbreaker”

Label: YG Entertainment

Year: 2009


Going back in time, it’s been awhile since BigBang released any new music as a group, sub-unit, or solo which means it’s a good time to go back to the time when they would dominate the KPop charts at any given time.

In this case, this marked the first solo album from BigBang leader, G-Dragon. It came after having a lot of success with his group.  With his creative juices flowing, it allowed him to create his own work while the other members were working on shows or individual album releases.


As a solo debut, he could have had his pick of any artist he wanted to work with, but he opted to work within his label with such artists like Dara and CL from 2NE1, Teddy Park, and his bandmate, Taeyang.  With some of the prior BigBang releases, you could tell that the music was shifting for an evolution which ended up with this album. 

This album spawned four singles which included “A Boy”, “Heartbreaker”, “Breathe”, and “Butterfly”. The song I personally enjoyed the most was “Hello”, but many of his b-sides were just as good, if not better than his promoted singles. 


He faced a potential controversy because he may have plagiarized a popular song from Western hip-hop artist, Flo Rida. There were many disputes and left a slight stain on what was supposed to be seen as a classic debut.  It got labels and artists from both sides of the Pacific involved.

In a way, it felt like G-Dragon kind of held back a bit from the previous BigBang release, not because he wanted to save a lot of the music for himself, but it felt like he wasn’t able to express his creativity at 100% until he was able to do it himself since he also had to watch out for his group mates.. 


Although there were controversies regarding possible plagiarism, G-Dragon overcame that and all issues were resolved with all artists and labels involved.  Despite everything, he was able to dominate the charts and win many awards including best album of the year which is a rare feat for a solo artist.  “Heartbreaker” almost went a full decade being the only album by a soloist to win best album of the year at the end of the year awards which is a major accomplishment along with dropping single after single. 

Overall rating: 4.5/5

Reviewed by: Timtastic

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