Aimer’s “Spark-Again” EP review

Artist: Aimer

Album: “Spark-Again” EP

Label: Sony Music Japan

Year: 2020


I had previously seen Aimer perform live a few years back, however, I wasn’t familiar with her music since she had done opening/closing themes for anime series I had not watched yet.  It took until 2020’s season two of “Fire Force” for me to give her music a listen again as I had become more acquainted with her music.  This brings us to her extended play.


As this is my first time listening to an Aimer project, what really stands out is her voice. She has a smooth raspy voice which really stands out as an Anisong singer. Her voice stands out in all of Japanese pop music too. “Spark-Again” as a titled single also ignites her aggression into a powerful hit. 


After the titled single ended, it definitely steered away from the anime music and went towards the route of “what else does she have?” kind of music. I felt like it was a bit all over the place even though there were only four songs. There were some contemporary and some ballad songs.


So far, I liked what I have heard. I’ll definitely check out more of her back catalog especially if I’ve seen any of the anime series she has been a part of. Looking back, I do appreciate that I got to see her perform live a few years ago back in 2018.

Overall rating: 3.5/5

Reviewed by: Timtastic

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