Battlefield 4 Chinese Assault Trailer & More


Another new trailer was released Tuesday night, this time featuring the Chinese faction Assault class and him using the M26 mass grenade launcher and tossing down medkits for his allies. He also seems to be wielding the new Type-95-1 assault rifle with a 2x scope. The new counter-knife mechanism can be seen here as well although it is glitched, not showing the player’s hands as he kills the enemy.

The next trailer is much shorter but provides yet another sneak peak at the MP gameplay BF4 will bring. It is still currently in the pre-Alpha build.

Lastly, there is a new, never-before seen picture of the map “Siege Of Shanghai” where we can spot an AC-130 gunship hovering nearby. The detail here is exquisite as you can almost see the rails on the gunship itself and the surrounding terrain is quite awesome to look at. Posted from BF4’s Twitter.

Chinese Assault Class

MP Teaser Trailer

AC-130 Picture

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