“Kimjongilia” (2009 Korean/American Documentary) review



One time, I decided to look on Netflix to see if there were any documentaries on North Korea since it’s a country that fascinates me due to the fact that not much is known about that place.


This film documents a few of the surviving North Korean defectors who managed to escape the dictatorship of Kim Jong-Il. It goes through their trials and tribulation of escaping knowing if they were to be caught that things wouldn’t look so bright for themselves and loved ones. Various different people escaped from soldiers to commoners. It goes into their lives after leaving too.


This is a great documentary as this gets directly into the mentality of the North Korean refugees and what they had to go through from deciding to leave to settling into their new lives. Some of them lost friends and family on their journey while others realistically had to make a run for it whether it meant risking the government finding out. It was as real as it gets.


Because it is a real documentary, you do feel extremely horrible for a lot of these victims. You sympathize with what they went through from their lives inside the closed off country to escaping the obstacle course from hell to dodging the Chinese officials to starting all over in a new environment. Some of captured people were never heard from ever again.


It really opened my eyes into what they went through from their point of view. We usually hear what happens in North Korea from journalists and television. I’m glad to see and hear what they had to say since they had that hellacious experience.

Overall rating: 3.5/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic


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