More Battlefield 4 playtest footage / P90 weapon trailer


Another 40-minute playtest video was released yesterday, revealing more weapons, choppers and armored tanks. It is noted at around the 22:51 minute mark, you can hear a nearby soldier call out what seems to be a “mobile artillery”. It is not seen onscreen but players can hope it’ll make onto the final build of the game. Furthermore RPGs and SMAWs, the starting launchers for the Engineer class are now confirmed to lock onto vehicles. Click this link to view the picture as it clearly shows a lock-on symbol while aiming down the sight of an RPG.

Battlefield 4 Multiplayer

 A trailer showing the fan-favorite P90 making a return to the Battlefield 4 scene was also revealed today. This weapon is well known for its sheer output of bullets into an enemy’s face. Many will be looking forward to wreaking some havoc with this awesome gun.

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