“Focus: A Documentary” (2010 American documentary) review



I decided to watch this documentary because I consider myself a part of the FGC and tend to support almost anything in the community.  Mike Ross is also a very interesting personality and a very popular figure so it made sense that he had his own documentary.


Mike Ross is one of the most well known players in the “Street Fighter IV” series.  It follows his journey from small local tournaments to majors to eventually Evolution Championship Series which is the biggest fighting game tournament in the world.

We also follow him from his humbled beginnings told by the people closest to him ranging from his family to his closest friends and competitors.


I really enjoyed that we get to follow the struggles of Mike Ross as he takes the next step to greatness.  Although he doesn’t win in the end, we see that he wins the hearts of the people like in “Rocky”.  We see his incline to his greatest performance to date as he takes on all comers.


I would have personally have liked to see more build up for his rivals like Alex Valle, Daigo, or Infiltration. They just mention those figures when he happens to play them.  By building those names up, you build that major obstacle Mike Ross has to try to overcome.  I felt that he needed that rival to fuel his desire to win.


It was a good experience as we truly get to see what Mike Ross goes through.  I felt that we saw him as a personable human being as opposed to the FGC celebrity most of the fan boys/girls see in him.  I felt we could relate to him struggling with passionate dreams versus real life situations. Mike Ross is a true example of “do what you love, love what you do”.

Overall rating: 4/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic


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