Titanfall Multiplayer Trailer from Gamescom 2013


titanfallRespawn Entertainment revealed the latest and greatest from their newest game, Titanfall at Gamescom. It is a mech-style FPS that incorporates fast, fierce gunplay in conjunction with fluid platforming reminiscent of parkour. Players can jump off walls and scale buildings like Altair and creep on unsuspecting enemies to take them out with prejudice or nimbly avoid incoming flak. The biggest feature is the ability to summon their own armored assault walker, known as a “Titan” and pilot it against the opposition. When you need to disembark from your Titan, it is automatically put in an AI mode to follow and protect you until you need to jump in it again.

Titanfall is scheduled for released in 2014 and will be available to the Xbox 360, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

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