interviews Titanfall’s Abbey Heppe and Drew McCoy


Larry Hyrb or better known by his moniker, MajorNelson, recently conducted an interview with community manager Abbey Heppe and Drew McCoy of Titanfall about the content and latest news released at Gamescom 2013. As you all may know, Titanfall is Respawn Entertainment’s newest title and won over critics and fans when it was shown at this year’s E3, winning multiple accolades such as Best of Show, Best Original Game, as well as Best Online Multiplayer.

Abbey talks about how much help they’ve received in making this game and that the video presented isn’t scripted in the slightest, meaning it can still look like you’re playing the campaign but in reality, you’re battling against online opponents. Drew mentions the amount of positive feedback they’ve gotten from E3 is surprisingly huge and can’t wait to finish the game and let the players delve into it when it comes out. It is set to hit stores in 2014.

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