Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall will have dedicated servers for Xbox One


A lot of discussion was going on about how Titanfall will manage multiplayer on console, given that most games nowadays with a multiplayer feature run directly on player-hosted servers. This method is certainly the easiest of them all, pick a player in the session and use him/her as a server for everyone else to play off of.

However it can produce various problems such as lag spikes, host advantage and frame drops since one player is wholly responsible for every player’s connection to the game. If the connection is shoddy then other people with faster internet will have their speeds dumbed down to compensate for the host.

Respawn Entertainment has gone to great lengths to ensure that this will not be the case for Titanfall. In a recent article posted on their website, engineer Jon Shiring of Respawn has confirmed the game will instead run on dedicated servers using Xbox Live Cloud for much smoother connections and less possibility of hackers, thanks to Microsoft’s aid.

Cloud technology, as he explains, is a powerful engine that allows engineers and whomever qualified to continually develop the game in cloud servers as its lifespan rolls on, from altering AI to match a person’s playstyle to running said dedicated servers. It essentially allows developers to run programs for their games all in one place without having to rent individual servers.

For more in-depth details, check out the article here.

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