Obliteration Facts & Details


Battlefield Podcast has released a brief video explaining some of the mechanics in BF4’s latest game mode, Obliteration. It is very similar to CoD’s Demolition but with several variations. There are 3 bombs for both of the offensive and defensive sides and will randomly spawn in one of hundreds of locations. However, the defending team’s bombs will have a much shorter fuse when planted. Unlike Counter-Strike, the bombs cannot be passed to friendly teammates.

So far, Obliteration seems to only support a maximum of 32 players, which means two teams of 16. Dice is currently working on 5-on-5 and 10-on-10 as well and there has been no confirmation of a 32-on-32. Obliteration seems to be geared towards the competitive side of BF4 with its smaller team compositions and more compact maps. The video is below.

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