KARA’s “Jumping” EP review


Artist: KARA

Album: “Jumping” EP

Label: DSP Media

Year: 2010


The beautiful girls of KARA have returned for their fourth mini album titled “Jumping” which is also the titled track.  The track was also their single in Japan which allowed them to cross promote in both Korea and Japan.


All five official songs are listenable.  The songs that weren’t singles could have easily been one.  I felt it was a growth musically, artistically, and image wise.  I definitely enjoyed the extended play.


Of course, because KARA is my bias group, I have to dock them points to show that there’s no favoritism.  The only legitimate thing I can say negatively is that the mini album is just way too short.


As if KARA couldn’t get any better, they did.  They had the electro inspired “Jumping”. “Binks” was a very cute song.  “With” was also very cute.  “Burn” had a tad bit of a hip-hop inspiration in it.  “Love Is” was very catchy.

Overall rating: 3.5/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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