“Baby and Me” (2008 Korean movie) review



I decided to watch this randomly because I just clicked my mouse on a movie without officially looking which is how I got to this movie. It looked like it could be a comedy, but we’ll just have to find out.


A rich, rebellious, under achieving high school student one day finds out that a baby has been dropped off to him at a super market claiming that he is the father. With his parents out of town, he must do his best to raise the child while still attending school with the help of anyone that is available to help.


It was enjoyable as it provided an obstacle that Joon Su must overcome because he not only was responsible for his own life, but was also responsible for another. It forced him to leave his old ways to care for the baby. He had to grow up very quick.


I felt like I’ve seen this kind of movie before in American cinema like “Three Men and a Baby”. If it weren’t for Kim Byeol, it would have felt a bit stale as she added the exact opposite of Joon Su’s character as she was beyond smart and responsible which is why he needed her, but she needed him to return back to school.


It was an enjoyable movie with its heartwarming scenes and filled with some funny moments. I’m very happy I got to watch this movie. I recommend it as a popcorn movie for the family.

Overall rating: 3/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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