KARA’s “Super Girl” review



Artist: KARA

Album: Super Girl

Label: Universal Music Japan

Year: 2011


This marks my first step into KPop artists doing JPop music. Obviously, I had to start with my favorite KPop artist, KARA. They are one of the few KPop artists to successfully transition into the Japanese market whereas many others before and after them have not succeeded.


The album starts off immediately with three consecutive singles which made it pleasant to listen to. This album is littered with diverse songs with catchy tunes. Songs included the ballads to the pop dance tracks. It even has the songs that have yet to be discovered as potential hit songs with the Kamilias.


The good songs that everyone knew were at the beginning which makes the subsequent songs a bit unknown to the folks that usually like waiting for the singles that they’re familiar with. I don’t think most people would care to see how good the other songs are which is unfortunate.


I totally enjoyed this album as “Jet Coaster Love” is my favorite JPop single from KARA along with the music video. Their music videos and concepts were just so cute and adorable.

Overall rating: 4/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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