APink’s “Secret Garden” EP review

A Pink- No No No

Artist: A Pink

Album: “Secret Garden”

Label: A Cube Entertainment

Year: 2013


This marks the first time I ever made an investment into the music of A Pink. I decided to get this EP because I haven’t bought anything from them previously so I thought I would give them a try after liking the song, “NoNoNo”.


The songs on this album were very cute. Every single song was very cute and made you feel good after each song. “NoNoNo” was a very strong single that was able to elevate the EP. The songs were fun and made you want to dance.


It did come off as a negative as there was a lot of controversy surrounding the release of this album as former member, Yookyung, was not included in this release because she had left the group following controversial events beyond her control.


I am not aware of their music before this album so I can’t compare this mini album against their previous efforts. I would judge it for just this one. I also don’t know how they sounded with their former band mate as well. All I can say about this particulate mini album is that it’s worth the buy especially for all those who are seeking to be future “Pink Pandas”.

Overall rating: 3.5/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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