4Minute’s “Volume Up” review


Artist: 4Minute

Album: “Volume Up”

Label: Cube Entertainment

Year: 2012


As I become a bigger fan of 4Minute, I will keep buying more of their music. Apparently, I’m going backwards as I started buying at “Name is 4Minute”. I ended up settling on this one since I like the song “Volume Up”.


Although “Volume Up” is the lead single, there are other B side songs like “I’m Ok” and “Dream Racer”. “Dream Racer” is the one that totally caught my ear though.

I also liked the goth direction they were going like in the music video. They had a lot of special effects for it.


Some of the songs were quite forgettable or flew over my head. They were decent but weren’t great. Only half of the album was great, but that’s better than a lot of albums from a lot of other KPop artists.


The album is pretty solid which helped solidify them as a top tier in the heavily saturated market that is girl groups in KPop music.

I became a fan of theirs right around the promotion of this album as I had gotten the chance to see them perform twice within a month.

Overall rating: 3/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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