KCON 2014 Pre Event Blog Day 6

KCON 2014 logo

Hi everyone! It’s Timtastic once again with another blog highlighting something to look forward to at KCON 2014. This time, we are highlighting another one of the main performers for the Saturday portion. It is her first time performing in the United States and her first time at the mega KCON event. Yes, I’m talking about IU.

IU has been one of the more anticipated artists to look forward to because we in America have never got to see her before. It will be a special stage as she is talented with her singing, dancing, guitar playing, hosting, and much more. She has a wide arsenal of songs to pull from from “Good Day” to “ “The Red Shoes”, she can perform many of her new and old classics. With her previous appearances on Korean programming, she has shown that she could cover many KPop songs with her acoustic spin on things. We shall look forward to her U.S. debut on the Saturday portion of KCON 2014.

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