KCON 2014 Pre Event Blog Day 8

KCON 2014 logo

Hey guys! This is Timtastic once again with the last blog before KCON starts. As you may know, the staff at Sturdy Pine are going to be covering KCON 2014. As you may know, we are highlighting things that you should keep your eye on. There are so many events such as the concert itself, panels that are informative, booths that have things you may want to purchase, and of course, those LA food trucks. In this blog, I won’t highlight a specific event. I will blog about the actual experience in attending KCON as someone who has attended the previous two editions.

Sometimes, it’s the brand new friendships that are formed that make the experience so much better. A lot of people attend KCON with new found friends from all over the country and potentially the world. The power of KPop and specific artists that help build new relationships.

A lot of times, people use social media such as Facebook and Twitter to find out whom else is attending KCON. It usually is a bonus if another person attending is from the same city/area/region as the attendee. It’s an extra bonus if that person shares the same common favorite bias and group.

At every KCON that I have attended, I have forged new friendships that will last for a long time. I’ve encountered people that live in the Bay Area that I never knew lived in the area.

Brand new relationships are formed at these fan booths, panels, workshops, waiting in line for something, fan meets, performances, etc. KCON is the one place where you can attend and see friends new and old.

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