2AM’s “One Spring Day” review

2AM- One Spring Day

Artist: 2AM

Album: “One Spring Day”

Label: JYP Entertainment

Year: 2013


I had become a slight fan of 2AM after seeing them perform at KCON 2013 as they were not the traditional boy band with full on dance numbers. They were a group that let their voices do the talking.  At first I wasn’t fully on board with a male ballad group, but they won me over at the event.


I was hoping that they would have other songs besides their titled track that were at least decent, and boy, was I right. They had some of the best songs from the beginning to the end. Every song was listenable and there was no trace of the “JYP” whisper before any song.  The songs were very soothing and made me feel relaxed.


I personally love this album. Other people may not since it’s not your typical songs from the typical idol group with the high energy songs. I do encourage a listen from this album if you like good music.


I also got to hear some of these songs not only at KCON but also at their solo concert, “Nocturne in Christmas” at Club Nokia in Los Angeles. It made me like these songs even more.

Overall rating: 4/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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