ZE:A’s “illusion” EP review

ZEA- Ghost of the Wind

Artist: ZE:A

Album: “illusion”

Year: 2013

Label: Star Empire Entertainment


What inspired me to make an investment into a group I am not too familiar with was watching a performance they did on KBS’ “Music Bank” one random night.  I thought the song itself was catchy.  It was ZE:A performing “Ghost of the Wind”.

I felt I should give them a chance like every other group, so I bought multiple albums on iTunes which included them.


I actually really enjoyed “Ghost of the Wind” as the lead single while “Step by Step” was a very good B side track.  Their other songs were also enjoyable.  “U’re My Sweety” was easy on the ears.


The songs on the album were decent and listenable, but they weren’t great.  They are just a slight shade over average.  With being nine members in the group with no member standing out in terms of voice, I didn’t know who sung what part.  Not only did they not stand out individually, they also didn’t have a specific sound or concept they were aiming for.


What I didn’t know was that there’s a Japanese version of this album.  I personally haven’t checked it out to see hear how it sounds.

I may consider checking out their other music in the future.  This EP was the first collection of songs I listened from them.  I see only improvement from them.

Overall rating: 3/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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