Emi Nitta’s “Tankyu Dreaming” EP review


Artist: Emi Nitta
Album: “Tankyu Dreaming” EP
Label: Bushiroad Music
Year: 2015

As a huge fan of the “Love Live” anime series. I love the characters, story, and the seiyuus. I’ve become a fan of their projects outside of the series. I’ve bought some of their music which brings us to this point. Today, we will be covering the voice of Honoka Kousaka, Emi Nitta and her EP called “Tankyu Dreaming”.

I definitely feel that the titled track was pretty solid. It definitely is a different sound from Emi Nitta compared when she portrays Honoka. If anything, I felt both songs were enjoyable.

I did feel that out of the two songs, “Omoiyo Todoke” was a much better song than “Tankyu Dreaming” and should have been the main song. These two songs were good, but not great as they are kind of forgettable. If you’re doing something like keeping busy, the songs will fly over your head.

Although it is above average, I feel that it’s not her best project. It’s also not up there with the best solo work from any of the “Love Live” seiyuu in terms of music. It’s still very good, but like I said earlier. It’s good but not great.

Overall rating: 3/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic


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