Girl’s Day’s “Girl’s Day Everday #5” EP review


Artist: Girl’s Day
Album: “Girl’s Day Everyday #5”
Label: Dream Tea Entertainment/LOEN Entertainment
Year: 2017


After checking my iTunes recommendation list on what albums I should check out, I saw that Girl’s Day was listed and wasn’t aware of their more recent music. I was only aware of material they released years prior.

As of 2017, many of the KPop girl groups that debuted in the early 2010s have disbanded or are dormant. It was a pleasure to see one of the groups that were around when I started listening to KPop are still around, so I had to check out what they were up to.


The most exciting thing about this album are the two solo tracks. The leader, Sojin, has a solo song called “Kumbaya (Come By Here)” which showcases the quality of her singing ability. I feel that she does get overlooked in terms of popularity, but she has withstood the test of time in KPop years. I’m glad she got herself a solo so that she is able to show the fans what she can actually do.

It gets better with the solos as Minah also got herself one. Her song “Truth” really surprised me because I never she had that kind of vocal range. I never envisioned her as a true vocalist. I would have assumed they would give her a safe fun song, but she took the risk and was rewarded with a great song.


The rest of the album along with the lead single, “I’ll Be Yours” was a complete miss. The solo songs were really good while the songs from the entire group was a three strike strikeout. The lead single did not hold weight against their previous hits. It literally flew over my head.


Although I’m glad Girl’s Day is still around, I don’t see them competing at a high level like they were able to two years prior. Many new groups are constantly emerging and coming out with very strong showings in terms of singles, albums, EPs, activities, and music videos.

Overall rating: 3/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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