Blackpink’s self titled EP review


Artist: Blackpink
Album: “Blackpink”
Label: YGEX/AVEX Entertainment
Year: 2017


Traditionally, YG artists are usually successful when it comes to crossing over from South Korea to Japan. Artists like Big Bang, their individual members, and 2NE1 have tasted success in the land of the rising sun. Blackpink has shown that they are the successors to 2NE1 with a four person lineup with urban and EDM influences. With each of their singles doing well worldwide, it was time for them to take the next leap to Japan.


Yes! The Japanese fans now get their favorite songs from the four ladies translated into Japanese. It pretty much is all of “Square One”, “Square Two”, and the song “As If It’s Your Last” compiled into one EP.


With a new market to reach, you’d think that they’d have one exclusive song for the Japanese fans, but they pretty much reused previous releases with Japanese lyrics. Unfortunately, all their singles released up to date just had to be reworded.


I hope that this is a step towards the right direction because previous YG artists that have promoted music in Japan have usually had songs specified for the fans their. I don’t see too many scenarios where someone would invest in both Korean and Japanese versions of these songs unless they’re extreme fans.

Overall rating: 3/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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