Dynamic Duo’s “Luckynumbers” review


Artist: Dynamic Duo
Album: “Luckynumbers”
Label: Amoeba Culture
Year: 2012


Sometimes the Korean music scene can get a bit mundane since it feels like the same thing daily with all the idol groups that keep popping up. Before I got into the KPop scene, I was in the hip-hop world. I lived, breathed, and consumed hip-hop and not just the music, but I loved the culture and lifestyle of it. I wanted the hip-hop that didn’t feel manufactured from an idol group where one person has the random “rap” part in a song which doesn’t feel too natural. I wanted to listen to people that rap but aren’t idols.

I personally wanted to check out some Korean hip-hop to see what it’s like. There were a few groups that I was aware of, but the ones that caught my ears was Dynamic Duo because they have collaborated with Korean American hip-hop artists before so the familiarity was there, and they do participate in variety shows. “Luckynumbers” was an album I decided to check out because I just wanted some good old fashioned hip-hop music from abroad.


This album doesn’t follow any of the American hip-hop trends that we’ve gone through in the past few generations. Dynamic Duo does their own thing and adds their own twist without copying what’s hot or cool. They don’t try to look like try hards or look like they’re part of an idol group. They do their own thing and when a guest appears in their music, they have to adapt to Dynamic Duo’s style, not the other way around.

I do love the fact that this feels like a legitimate LP instead of a few good songs along with lots of filler material to make it look like there’s a lot of songs even though this album actually had a skit. There were a lot of songs that were four to five minutes, so even the song lengths feel like it had a lot of quality built into it.


Obviously, singing their own hooks isn’t their thing when it comes to constructing a song which is where guest artists come in. Artists from Crush to Hyorin from Sistar appear in this album. Almost every song has a guest in it which feels like an overload.


I really liked this album because it’s a mix of good music that is easy to pick up but has the roots of hip-hop music. Dynamic Duo shows why they’re one of the top tiered names in Korean hip-hop because they’ve been doing it for years long before the genre became a hot thing and even before KPop music became a worldwide sensation.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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