Miwa’s “Shiny” EP review

Artist: Miwa
Album: “Shiny” EP
Label: Sony Music Records
Year: 2017


As I get more into the music of Miwa, I appreciate her music more. After discovering her music on a trip to Japan, I came back home to the United States and had to give her music more of a listen. I ended up loving what I heard and loved everything from singles to b-sides which is how we got to this EP called “Shiny”.


Both the titled track and the b-side track called “Zettai Ano Bashoni” are very pleasant and are easy listens. There are no gimmicks nor any shortcuts. No special sound effects nor auto tune were used. It’s her voice, her guitar, a band, producer, and engineer.


I couldn’t decide which song I liked the most. I happened to like both songs equally, but it’s what happens when both songs are really good.


I hope Miwa eventually releases an LP sometime in the near future because I could listen to songs like these for a full length album’s worth of music. Her music is the kind where you could go from beginning to end and be satisfied since she has music all the way through her songs. She doesn’t have intros, outros, interludes, nor skits. Her music is amazing.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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