Miwa’s “Guitarium” review


Artist: Miwa
Album: “Guitarium”
Label: Sony Music Records
Year: 2012


In a few short years, Miwa has become one of my favorite artists just because I love her music. I love how it sounds and the lyrics really touch me, and yes, I’ve looked up the translation to the lyrics due to not currently being fluent in Japanese. Her music really sparks joy.


Besides the singles, my favorite song on this album is “Chasing Hearts” as it’s one of my favorite songs overall from her. It always puts me in a good mood.

Many of the songs are also sleeper hits. You can easily overlook a song and end up loving the song later down the road. Her sweet melodies, pleasant voice, guitar riffs on edgier songs, and heartwarming lyrics can help sway you into loving her songs.


It doesn’t have as many singles as her other albums and her b-sides on this album aren’t as good as the other albums’ b-sides which shows how good her entire body of work actually is, but if anything, it’s her second album and as a singer-songwriter, sky’s the limit for her.


I’d say that even though this is one of her weaker albums, it’s still better than many artists’ best albums. I’ve watched some of her concert footage, and it has helped me enjoy many of the songs I may have overlooked previously since you could feel the emotion of the songs in a performance along with the fans’ energy.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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