ITZY’s “IT’z ICY” EP review


Artist: ITZY
Album: “IT’z ICY”
Label: JYP Entertainment
Year: 2019


2019 was an amazing start for the rookie group, ITZY. They emerged not as Twice’s sister group, or the next big thing for JYP Entertainment, but as the next big thing for KPop overall. In the latter half of their debut year, they released the “IT’z ICY” EP to continue their momentum in becoming a dominant force.


Once again, their lead single was one of those songs where it takes some time to get into. At first listen, it’s meh, but after a few listens, it creeps up on you. You end up liking it more and more after every listen.

The song I really liked was “IT’z Summer” as a B side track since it’s a sign of things to come like potentially becoming the queens of summer hits down the road. The song is pretty catchy to begin with, and the lyrics are pretty straight forward about the message they want to send.


There are two remixes of “Dalla Dalla” and “Want It?” which were on their debut EP. It doesn’t really add anything new. It’s more like something KPop DJs could use for a change of pace. Other than that, it’s almost like hearing the original.

“Cherry” is their other B side track. It is okay, but it doesn’t compare to their other two songs. This is probably their slowest song up to date despite it having more of a modern Western urban sound.


ITZY feels new. They feel fresh. They don’t sound like Twice. They don’t sound like any other artist in their label nor do they sound like any other group in today’s KPop. They have their own sound and swag. They are what KPop will be heading towards in the 2020s.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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