Jurina Matsui’s “Privacy” review


Artist: Jurina Matsui
Album: “Privacy”
Label: Showroom Records
Year: 2019


I feel like I got into the 48 groups a little bit way too late especially since there are way too many members that rotate in and out. Jurina Matsui is one of the few members that I do know and can recognize due to her solo work, her appearance on Produce 48, and appearance as a fan in New Japan Pro Wrestling. I feel like this is her chance to shine on her own as an artist after leaving SKE48 and AKB48.


I do appreciate that she did write these songs. In fact, she wrote all the songs. The name of the title is called “Privacy” which shows how much of a hectic life as an idol and now an artist she’s endured. A nice chunk of her life has been observed through the lens.

I thought we’d be getting all dance songs considering her background as an idol. I was surprised that the first few songs had an adult contemporary feel. Songs like “sofa and cushion” and “monochrome” fit the mold. You could say that it’s a throwback with a small dosage of the city pop sound from previous eras ago.

“KMT Dance” is a track that we would be familiar with coming from Jurina’s background as a young adult.


Her writing skills are something to praise, but her voice is not something that’ll blow anyone’s mind which is fine. It’s her first album as the primary focus. Her lead single “KMT Dance” is not the showcase for the vocals kind of song.

I do have to question the song composition though. About the first half of the album is the adult contemporary songs while the second half contains the dance songs. I don’t know if it’s supposed to build towards the awesome climax or what. Most artists usually just stack the uptempo songs at the beginning while the back half is the downtempo songs. Other artists would just mix them up for the listener.


I think she’ll actually shine more than she ever has as a member of a mega idol group. This time she won’t have to seek opportunities just to be the center or primary focus. This time, she’ll always be the main focus in the music and visuals. This album really did surprise me since I either had low expectations or none at all. This was significantly better than I could ever imagine especially with the first half.

Overall rating: 4.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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