ITZY’s “IT’z Me” EP review


Artist: ITZY
Album: “IT’z Me” EP
Label: JYP Entertainment
Year: 2020


After a very successful and productive rookie year in 2019, ITZY is back in 2020 to continue their momentum to stake their claim for the KPop throne. Under JYP Entertainment, they’ve carved out their own identity instead of just being the rookie group of JYP or Twice’s sister group. Early on, they had a lot of backing from the fans, and I see nothing different this time around. This release that they released this particular year is called “IT’z Me” to continue to use their name in record releases.


I think from top to bottom, this is their best project up to date. This seven-track EP is packed with bangers and slappers. At this point, we know what we want out of this group, and it’s all high energy dance hits. From the beginning to the end, you can expect to feel like you want to dance.

The lead single, “Wannabe”, definitely kicks off this EP with a bang. One of my favorite tracks is “Nobody Like You” with their hard rock inspired instrumentals. The rest of the album is filled with dance, EDM, and hip-hop-influenced beats. Despite the EP having a particular direction, each song feels different. It also is notable for not having J.Y. Park having a direct hands-on approach to any of the songs.


Many JYP artists at least have one or more songs written by a member of a particular group. In this case, ITZY does not currently have anyone in the group that writes the lyrics. They do have a team of writers including former Wonder Girls member, Yubin.

With them mostly being a dance group, it can be safe to say that they have found their formula of success which means they shouldn’t go near other sounds. I don’t think any member is vocally there yet to do a ballad or downtempo song.


I do feel like this is JYP Entertainment’s answer to Blackpink as this group has a lot of energy, swag, and a lot more. They, of course, have their own identity. For this, they should not be compared to their sister group as they have gone down a different path which in this case is a good thing.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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