Momoland’s “Welcome to Momoland” EP review


Artist: Momoland
Album: “Welcome to Momoland” EP
Label: Dublekick Company
Year: 2016


I only hopped on the Momoland bandwagon when they got really big with their 2018 hits. I really don’t know how or when they debuted. With that, I may have potentially missed some hidden gems in terms of music, so I had to travel further back in time to see what they had with their 2016 debut release, “Welcome to Momoland”.


I really enjoyed the four songs, especially the opening song which was also called “Welcome to Momoland”. With this first song, it’s the opening to see what they’re all about. The song itself is super catchy as heck. It has a huge splash of bubblegum pop.

The other song, “uh-gi-yeo-cha” is also another song that breathes fun into their music. It’s full of life and energy.

This would be the start of Momoland having fantastic B-side songs which make it worthwhile to listen to the entire album.


Their debut single was “JJan! Koong! Kwang!” which is a catchy song, but very hard to pronounce as a Westerner. I’m sure it was mostly intended for the Korean audience considering most of the songs in the KPop genre especially singles are English titles.

I do feel that “Welcome to Momoland” should have been the lead single considering it’s also the name of their EP and being the better song of the four songs.


I feel like it’s an above-average debut for Momoland. These songs didn’t drop the hammer on everyone upon debut, but years later, it’s enjoyable music that we overlooked. Sure, they played it safe by going the cutesy route, but it’s a direction. Many groups have no sense of direction. Momoland would eventually climb up the ranks in the world of KPop.

Overall rating: 3.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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