Hot Import Nights (2012)


On August 18th, 2012, the staff of Sturdy Pine attended Hot Import Nights in San Mateo, CA.  I have actually been there before back in 2009.  This time it was indoors in two different buildings as opposed to previous editions where it was outdoors.  If you don’t know what Hot Import Nights is, here’s what it actually is.  It’s a convention dedicated to import cars and the models.  I’ve gone just for the latter previously.

What we noticed were a lot of girls, girls, and more girls.  Most of the girls were models promoting themselves or a brand they’re affiliated with.  They were just all beautiful and gorgeous.  Most importantly, they were nice and friendly.  They were all willing to take photos with fan boys looking for great photo opportunities.  Yours truly also got in on the act by taking some photos with the lovely models.

The cars weren’t too shabby themselves.  There were all these tricked out vehicles people created with their time and efforts.  Their labor was highly appreciated.  Some of the cars were dope enough to even make the folks on “Pimp My Ride” blush.  There was a car with a fish tank.  There was one modeled after the “Transformers” series.  There was even one based off of “Hello Kitty”.

Because of the event growing, other forms of entertainment was there as well.  IGN made its presence there by hosting a free tournament for the upcoming game, “Dead or Alive 5” with thousands of dollars up for grabs.  Video game pros were there to attempt to get a piece of that cash prize.  Mad Catz was there as well to provide arcade sticks.

Of course, I had to enter the tournament to represent Sturdy Pine.  I had to enter for a free chance at getting some cash.  Unfortunately, I had never played any of the “Dead or Alive” competitively and had no idea about the players in their communities.  I had no idea who was a threat or who wasn’t.  I also had no idea what the buttons were and had to rely on my overall fundamentals in fighting games especially in 3D fighters like Soul Calibur, Tekken, and Virtual Fighter.

Because IGN was there, IPL was streaming the tournament for the world to see.  It was a lot of pressure to do well because no one wants to suck while people watch, right?  I had no idea who to pick and only had time for a quick casual game against another competitor.  I ended up picking Akira because he was a character I was somewhat familiar with because he’s also in the Virtual Fighter series.  I was hoping Wolf was in it because he’s my main in that series.

To summarize the entire video game tournament, I got bodied on stream because I had no idea how to play.  Because it was single elimination, I was eliminated in the tournament.  There was another tournament too, but I lost that one to a very attractive female by the name of Vanessa.  Apparently, she was a pro player.  There went my chances at a lot of money.

There were very famous players in the fighting game community in attendance as well.  Mike Ross is a very well known Street Fighter player who is beloved by the fans for being the ultimate underdog and overcoming various obstacles.  He was there just to hang out and run brackets.  Kayane is a female player from France who specializes in the Soul Calibur series who also competed in the tournament.  Markman is known for promoting the Mad Catz products especially the arcade sticks.

I’d say it was a very successful trip.  I enjoyed the entire event.

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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