Event Coverage: Fan Aid+ Hosted by KPop United


August 10, 2012.  Embassy Suites Anaheim South, California.
Pictures by Jia Soon.

What can I say about this event?  Well, it was a nice gesture from Kpop United to host such an event on such a short notice.  This really shows dedication to the Kpop fandom.  With the announcement of the ‘postponement’ of the SBS concert by Absolute Kpop only 4 days before the concert was suppose to happen, a secondary event was created for those fans that had planned to go to LA anyway and gave them a venue to show their support for their love of the genre.

First off, big thank you to Kpop United for allowing us to cover the event.  Also, big shout out to the sponsor of the event Flip Flop Shops for helping this event happen.  This event also couldn’t happen without the dedicated work from the people over at Kpop United as well as all the volunteers who gave their time to help keep the event running smoothly.

Now, lets get to what I thought about the event.  It was what it was, an event planned in 4 days and it showed.  Upon entering the venue, we saw 5 tables, a dance floor and a screen.  the first table was for signing up for the different events going on which included; Aegyo contest, Dance Contest, and Singing Contest.  The next table was the Kpop Merch table, nothing overly exciting but the prices were decent.  The next table was a SHINee fan table where you could buy glow sticks and other fan related merch. There was a station for doing nails at $5.  There was a wall of images of Leeteuk from Super Junior where people took pictures with to create a collage.  SBS merch for the concert that never happened was being given away at the event, posters and totebags.  And finally a table where flip flops from the sponsor was being sold.

For what it was, it wasn’t bad.  It was a nice little event for fans to express their love for kpop.  I wouldn’t have recommended anyone outside of the greater LA area to commute and attend as it was definitely geared towards the more hardcore of the fandom.  For anyone close-by, this was probably a great way to spend a saturday.

On their Facebook event page, their mission was “Time to take lemons and make lemonade!” and thats exactly what they did.  I look forward to seeing more from Kpop United.  More events with ample time to plan.


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