“King of Chinatown” (2010 American documentary) review


King of Chinatown


I decided to watch this on Hulu because of my interest in the FGC (fighting game community). As a fan of Street Fighter throughout the years and a competitive gamer, I thought it was worth checking out.


This movie goes in depth into the rise of fighting games primarily, “Street Fighter IV”, which resulted in the boom in the genre. It shows the growth from a niche audience to a global phenomenon and then to a potential multimillion dollar business in the tournament scene.

It also follows one of the best players in the world in Street Fighter IV, Justin Wong, as he aims to capture the EVO championship in that game which is the Super Bowl of fighting game tournaments. He is also the best player in his team, Empire Arcadia, which is struggling to give him the best tools needed to succeed. He must decide whether to stay to help build the team catered to him or move on to build a future for himself.


I thought it was pretty interesting considering I’m into competitive gaming primarily fighting games. Creating a team is something I aspire to do, and this documentary shows the potential cutthroat business it can grow to be.

This actually was one of the more entertaining and interesting documentaries I have seen. It’s rare to see one that can both entertain you and inform you. Usually, it’s one or the other.


I was generally pleased at watching this. I do feel that we never truly got an aftermath since some folks not affiliated with the scene may wonder what happened next.


Years after this documentary was aired, a few things have changed. There are other games which people can legitimately be known worldwide. Various different companies have bought into the FGC hype such as professional E-Sports teams, major corporations, and companies specializing in fighting game products. There are major events happening often. This documentary was just the launch for the FGC boom when it was filmed in 2009.

Overall rating: 3/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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