“A Better Tomorrow” (1986 Chinese Movie) review

A Better Tomorrow


One day I was thinking about some gangster ass Chinese films while listening to some Wu-Tang Clan. Somehow, the song “A Better Tomorrow” came on, and that’s when it clicked. I should watch this movie.


Ho is a high ranking member of the Triad in Hong Kong. He conducts missions with his best friend, Mark. However, Ho has a younger brother named Kit who is an aspiring police officer and has to hide what he really does for a living.

Ho has to go to Taiwan with a new recruit, Shing, so that they can conduct business while Mark stays behind. After an ambush, Ho gives himself up to allow Shing to escape thus eventually being sent to prison. Meanwhile, an assassin breaks into Ho and Kit’s father’s home and kills him. His dying words were to forgive him. Also after hearing the news of Ho’s imprisonment, Mark decides to attack the Taiwanese gang but is shot in the leg, leaving him crippled.

After the prison sentence, Ho attempts to go straight, but is constantly being pulled back into his old lifestyle with money, power, and respect. He also has to have a legit life so that his younger brother can have the opportunity to succeed. What would he choose?


Damn, John Woo really does know how to make some great violent movies. This has to be one of the most underrated movies ever. The story was alright but the execution was on point. As a person who loves action movies, this really kicked it up a notch on how mass violence is supposed to be done.


This movie was made in the 80’s. Expect some 80’s feel to it.


I never realized how much of an influential movie it was. Not only did the Wu-Tang Clan make a song called “A Better Tomorrow”, but they also will have an album in 2013 by the same name. We already know how much they’re influenced by Asian cinema.

The movie also launched Chow Yun Fat as bad ass. People literally started wearing trench coats so they can be like him.

Very few movies could outdo the violence in this movie. The only person who can make a good movie with effective violence is another John Woo movie in my personal opinion.

Overall rating: 5/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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