Girls’ Generation’s “Run Devil Run” review


Artist: Girls’ Generation

Album: Run Devil Run (Repackaged version of “Oh!”)

Label: SM Entertainment

Year: 2010


“Run Devil Run” is a repackaged version of “Oh!” containing all of the original tracks with the addition of the new titled track.  This album is loaded with hits in addition to “Run Devil Run” like “Oh!”, “Genie”, and “Gee”.  “Run Devil Run” was originally a track recorded by American pop star, Ke$ha as a demo but the rights to the song was sold to SM Entertainment, thus it becoming a big hit for our favorite 9 member girl group.  This album also started a shift into a somewhat darker image from their previous cute image even though “Gee” was extremely colorful and cute.


Out of the entire Girls’ Generation albums I have listened to so far, I believe this is the most balanced album in terms of song quality, amount of singles released, and song variety.  It’s pretty solid from top to bottom.  There’s a mix of the fun, upbeat stuff with the slower material.

I also liked the fact that 3 additional songs were added to the vanilla version of the album and appreciated that they included Korean versions of some of their Japanese hits for their fans of their homeland.


I don’t have much bad things to say except that it started to get kind of weak about the start to the second half of the album. There could have been like 2-3 songs that just flew over my head not because they were bad, but more like because they were calm and soothing.

I would say that the middle of the album would be considered filler since I never intentionally try to listen to the tracks there. I usually aim for the beginning or the end of the album.


I pretty much bought the album because it had a lot of songs that were catchy and listenable. I realistically should have just bought selective songs. The singles do hold their own weight though as a lot of them have become classics.

Overall rating: 3.5/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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