Sistar’s “So Cool” review


Artist: Sistar

Album: So Cool

Label: Starship Entertainment

Year: 2011


“So Cool” is the debut album from the four ladies of Sistar.  This album spawned many hit singles like the titled track, “So Cool”, “Push Push”, “Shady Girl”, and a special version of “Ma Boy” which was originally just a track from the sub-group Sistar19.  This album definitely put them on the map in the crowded K-Pop idol groups and helped them stand on their own.


I definitely loved the album.  It was extremely solid from top to bottom.  Every track was pretty much listenable.  I never found myself having to jump to the next song.  Brave Brothers did an excellent job composing the album.  You know it’s a very good album when a lot of the songs that weren’t singles are extremely catchy.  All songs have replay value as an entire album or just selected songs.  It’s definitely one of my favorite K-Pop albums as I always listen to it in its entirety at work.


Not really much I can say bad because it really is a near flawless album with each track being listenable. It has more than a replay value. I still often listen to the album in its entirety.


I had recently become a Star1 after seeing them perform live for the first time at the MBC Google concert in 2012. I had become hooked on them and knew that I just had to become a fan thus me getting this album.

Overall rating: 4.5/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic


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