Breaking Bad Episode 509 “Blood Money”


Last Night we saw the return of AMC’s Breaking Bad with the episode “Blood Money.”  So much has happened in that episode and, being a fan, I wanted to go over some of the more important aspects of this episode.  Spoilers coming, so if you have not seen the episode yet, please do so before reading this article.

I’d like to start with the opening scene with Walter coming back to his abandoned home, which takes place later on in the stories time frame.  His house is vandalized and kids are using his drained pool to skateboard.  We then see Walter retrieving the vile of Ricin he had stashed away.  We, the audience, is also reminded that he is a wanted criminal multiple times.  First, when we see ‘Heisenberg’ spray painted on his wall and second with the awkward, but hilarious, interaction with his neighbor Carol.  Something big is definitely going to happen.  Also shown is that massive machine gun he has sitting in his trunk.


We the go back to the current story’s time frame with Hank still taking a dump at Walter’s house.  Hank knows that Walter is involved and now needs to get the hell out of that house.  You can see the fear as he is walking through the house, shocked at what he has just found out.  As he’s driving away, it seems as all the stress has gotten to him and as a big anxiety attack.  To be sure, he double checks the writing in the book he finds in Walters bathroom with the writing from Gale Boetticher’s lab notebook.  This sparks Hank to reopen the case.


We get a pretty interesting scene at Jesse’s house with Badger telling the guys about a potential Star Trek episode where Kirk, Spock and Chekov are competing in a pie eating contest.  A user on Reddit suggests that this story alludes to things to come in the series.  Kirk being Mike, Spock being Walter and Chekov being Jesse who is being helped by Scotty who is Hank and the Blueberry pies are the Meth.  I don’t want to go into too much detail about it, but you can read more about this theory here.


Watch Badger’s Star Trek story animated here.

Lets now skip over to the end of the episode.  Walter can’t find his book, which worries him a bit.  He gets the inclination to look under his car and finds the tracker Hank used to track Gus in season 4.  Walter has been made and goes to see Hank.  The confrontation is here.  Talk about a role reversal here.  For almost all of the series Hank has been the Alpha in their family, the crime fighting man’s man, while Walter has been the meek and nerdy teacher brother-in-law, as hank saw it.  Now, Hank realizes that he has no idea who this man is standing in front of him, to which he replies in such a chilling way: “Tread lightly.”hpQR19Q

And there you have it, my thoughts on the return of Breaking Bad’s final season.  What did you think of the episode?  Let me know in the comments below and I’ll see you next week for ‘Buried.’  You can see clips for the next episode in the video below.

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