“The Space Jockey Pursuit” (2013 American movie) review



This is Mr. Timtastic or just Timtastic once again with a review from the 2013 edition of Cinequest with the movie, “The Space Jockey Pursuit”.


Tom Bernstein is a recent college graduate who has his future ahead of him. He has anything he wants except a piece of him is missing. He has to move to Japan to keep the family business going as he would be running the Japanese branch of the company.

Alvin Bernstein is Tom’s brother who has a less stable career path and mentality. In fact, he has been admitted to the mental ward on different occasions. His ambitions are much more different than Tom’s. Alvin is an aspiring actor who goes out of his way to perfect the method acting skill.

One day, Alvin discovers the audition to the upcoming biggest role in Hollywood, “Space Jockey” and Tom decides that he would help his brother achieve his dream in Chicago. Together they ditch their current lives to reach a goal and together they build their bond as brothers. It would also give Tom the chance to branch out as his own man.


The story was there and seems like a great one.


This movie was pretty near unwatchable due to the fact that the jokes seemed to completely miss. I didn’t seem to laugh at this supposed comedy and felt that a lot was missing to complete this movie. I felt the actors were stale especially Tom and Alvin was trying a bit too hard to get the audience to react.


Unfortunately, when you watch more than 30 movies in a single festival, some blow you away while some just can’t evoke a single emotion. Many movies were a hit, while this one was a complete miss. I just felt like I may have tried to look at the time more than the screen.

Overall rating: 1.5/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic


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