“The Orheim Company” (Kompani Orheim) (2012 Norwegian movie) review



Well, this is movie was the start of the 2013 season of Cinequest.  I chose this movie on pure chance and time constraints.  I also picked it on the basis of its title.  It sounded foreign to me so I rolled with it.  I also chose to watch all movies randomly not reading what the film is about.


Jarlee Orheim receives news of his father’s death and must attend his funeral. Not only does he have to attend the funeral, but he must speak. This event sparks a flashback to his childhood revolving himself and his family.

Jarlee experiences a broken home along with his alcoholic father and his subservient mother. He sees what alcohol does to his father like causing abuse to his mother which causes a downward spiral. Jarlee also goes through his adolescent stage which includes life decisions in politics and his encounters with girls.


We get to look inside the struggles of an adolescent boy not only having to grow up as a person and man but experience a mother beaten and father being consumed to the consumption of alcohol. Each of us would see ourselves struggling with portions of our lives while making decisions for our own futures. There was something that we can all relate to whether it was death, alcoholism, domestic abuse, pain, adolescence, girls, making tough decisions, and much more.


This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but because I wasn’t familiar with how Norwegians live due to my ignorance of Norway, I just felt that there was some kind of barrier. I was unaccustomed to the day to day lives of the Norwegians. Of course, they’re like any of us in any country, but they do have their own customs that I was unaware of.


This was my first official movie of Cinequest 2013. Although, I don’t do well with artistic European movies, I felt that this movie moved me. I made it a point in this festival to catch as many foreign movies as possible especially the ones from Europe since I have not paid much attention to these hidden gems previously. I also wanted to watch movies from countries that I never knew had a major film scene to the world. I really enjoyed seeing the lives of the Norwegians seeing the comparisons and the contrasts. I felt that I did hit the mark, and it kick started my movie going adventure.

Overall rating: 3.5/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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