“Dose of Reality” (2013 American movie) review



I watched this movie called “Dose of Reality” at the Cinequest film festival not knowing what the movie was about because I never read the synopsis, look at the screenshots, nor look at the movie poster. I just watch it with a clean slate to eliminate any prejudgment I would have. A lot of people also happen to walk into the theater so I assumed it would be decent.


Matt is a young bartender with ambitions of making it in show business. Tony is a troubled man trying to survive marriage issues, life outside of trouble making, and as a lower income bar manager.

One night, after the bar they both work at closes for the night, Matt discovers a bloody and beaten woman lying in the bathroom floor. What turns into an investigation on what may have been a potential rape becomes a full look into the depths of each of their souls. It becomes a breakdown of each of their inner weaknesses.


I felt the acting was phenomenal because there were only three actors primarily in the entire movie which forced each of the actors to raise the bar and carry their load. I believed that each actor had something to offer to the table.

I also enjoyed the plot twists and turns. You never actually fully expect this or that to happen. I felt like I was watching a “Saw” movie how each turn of event caused another major event to happen and how it caused people in the movie along with the people in the theater to fully evaluate their inner selves.


Because I may have grown up during the heyday of those Disney Channel Original Movies, I was tripped out when I saw Matt being played by Ryan Merriman of “Smart House” fame. It took me some time to get used to the fact that he was no longer a child actor because it has been years since I saw him in another movie. It just felt weird that he was drinking, making out with a recently raped woman, snorting drugs, fighting, and bulking up.


During the course of the movie, I was in awe about what was going to happen. I really did feel like it played into one’s psychological mentality as the ending wasn’t what we expected. I expected bloodshed and a sad ending which didn’t happen at all.

Overall rating: 3.5/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic


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