“Family Meals” (2012 Croatian movie) review



I decided to watch this film at Cinequest. I was curious to why this was a short of a film being under an hour. I was about to find out why.


A woman comes home to discuss her life over a family dinner with her mother, father, and brother on separate occasions. She also has the conversation with her entire family as well. One of the main revelations is to discuss her homosexuality and to see how members of her family take it.


I didn’t think that you could make an entire movie based on conversations at the dinner table. It made me think about what other conversations could be recorded over dinner like maybe a barbeque or a potluck. It was interesting at times.


It was actually pretty tiresome and boring at times. I definitely understood where they were going for this film, but it felt way too stretched out and were constantly trying to fit in as many parts as possible. I definitely felt that it should have been a short film documentary.


I had actually watched this at Cinequest in 2013. I had picked this movie like how I picked every other movie. I picked this on random. I felt that I was doing well on picking movies except this one. This was not my cup of tea.

I actually felt that anyone could relate to not just talking about coming out, but revealing maybe a deep dark secret to the ones you loved the most because no matter what, you can rely on your family to always love you no matter what. I just don’t think it should be a movie.

Overall rating: 2/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic


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