f(x)’s “Nu ABO” review


Artist: f(x)

Album: Nu ABO

Label: SM Entertainment

Year: 2010


The collective of girls known as f(x) are back with “Nu ABO” which signifies the three different blood types which are respectively type A, B, & O.  It is to show that they are the new cats on the block or in this case the new blood to the rapidly rising industry of KPop music.


Well, it had a few good songs to support the titled track. “Ice Cream” was a fun song and of course, it had to do with love. That song was totally addicting.  “Surprise Party” is a good acoustic pop song which I often post the song on my friends’ walls on their birthdays if they’re into the KPop genre. Most of the songs are listenable.


Some of the songs may fly over your head. The songs are good, but they’re not great. This album will make you like f(x) but not love them. I felt that they were missing that “it” factor to make it great.


I ended up getting this album because I had just become an f(x) fan after seeing them at the MBC Google concert in 2012. I wanted to become a bigger fan. I became hooked to the song “Ice Cream” considering it’s my favorite thing to eat. I was sad to have found out that the song has completely nothing to do with the sweet and cool treat.

Overall rating: 3/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic


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