“Old Stock” (2013 Canadian movie) review



I decided to watch this movie at Cinequest on my quest to watch as many movies as possible in one festival. I had no idea what this movie was about because I don’t read the synopsis to any movie so I can watch every movie with a clean slate.


Stock Burton is a 20 year old retiree who is old at heart by how he dresses, acts, and reliance on pills. He lives with his grandpa at the retirement home after inflicting pain on a high school crush in a car accident. Filled with guilt, he works and lives the retiree lifestyle.

One day he is kicked out of the retirement home after fellow retirees feel threatened due to the vandalism going around the home. He is forced into the real world where he must encounter his past, live in the present, and think about his future. How will he deal with all those as a man with no path?


I thought it was stupidly funny. We’ve seen in comedies where an older person tries to be younger, but not often do we see someone who really tries to be older. Sure some kids would like to be adolescents. Adolescents try to be more like teenagers. Those teenagers try to be adults in the 21+. Rarely do we see someone in their 20’s try to be old like the folks in the retirement home. I found that to be very funny and stupid which did cause some laughter from yours truly. I guess silly would be more of an appropriate term.


What worked for this movie also worked against it. It’s the case of the double edge sword. Because I was laughing at the thought of Stock being old, it was hard for me to take the serious parts more seriously.


I enjoyed this movie as part of my movie going adventure during Cinequest 2013. Of course, I watched this movie not knowing what it was about or where it came from. I had no ideas what this movie could have been about based on the title. I’m glad I saw this movie because it drew a lot of laughs for me.

Overall rating: 3.5/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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