“Finding Mr. Destiny” (2010 Korean movie)



This is Mr. Timtastic once again with another foreign movie review. This one is a romantic comedy I found on Netflix called “Finding Mr. Destiny”.


Ji-woo is a woman who can’t seem to forget about a fling that occurred during a trip to India in her youth and has rejected all potential suitors.  Fearing that she’d never get married, her father attempts to help bring closure to her by putting her with an agency that specializes in finding first loves.  Unfortunately, she only knows his name and nothing else.

Gi-joon is the man in charge of running the business in locating an individual’s first love.  He is well groomed and is extremely passionate about his job.  He is also very much a dork.  He is very motivated to find Ji-woo’s first lover if it means tracking every person in Korea with the same name.  They do find men with the same name ranging from all sorts of occupations.

During the course of their adventures, they find themselves getting closer and closer to each other. Could Ji-Woo’s first love be the one that gets in between the two?


It was an enjoyable romantic comedy.  I’m sure a lot of people would love to try to find their first love.  It may be kind of awkward for me to say it since I’m a dude, but the story that develops over the course of the film is very cute.

I felt that this was a very original story and one that I’ve never heard or seen before.  Of course, I’ve seen plenty of films about two people who end up falling in love with each other after going after a specific goal.


Let’s be real. Are there really businesses designed to find someone’s first love?  It’ll definitely be hard to find the person especially with just only a name.  Can this kind of service even make any money?


I watched this movie because I wanted to check out some romantic comedies and felt that this would be a light hearted movie which it ended up being.  I thought that this movie was about closure to one’s life.  You can’t fully move on from a specific stage until you close the previous chapter was what I got out of this movie.  Another thing I got out of this movie was that the person you may fall in love with may be under your nose the entire time.

Who wouldn’t want to find their first loves?  This movie made me reminisce about my first girlfriend.  Don’t worry. I won’t try to hire an agency to try to locate her.  That’s what Facebook is for. I’m kidding about that.

Overall rating: 3.5/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic


2 responses to ““Finding Mr. Destiny” (2010 Korean movie)

  1. I watched this one also and enjoyed how they had began the movie somewhere in India? Yeah, I agree with you about the business being a far-fetched one. Nope, can’t find a person with just their name. I couldn’t find someone with way more info than that. This actor did really in a Korean TV drama called The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince. One of the actors in the Mary Stayed Out All Night drama (my link in another comment) is also in that one. I had wondered if I should recommend this movie to a (non-Korean) friend of mine, but since you had enjoyed it, now I will.

  2. Oh, I forgot to mention that this movie’s actress was great in a movie called “Sad Movie”. You may want to check it out also. :oD

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